Role of the Observer

by Role of the Observer

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Role of the Observer is a concept album that flows as one piece, focusing on the illusion and realities of personal choice. It was recorded and mixed entirely at their home studio.


released May 22, 2012

Produced by Nick Leach and Matt Beane
Engineered by Tyler Rhodes and Nick Leach
Mixed by Nick Leach



all rights reserved


Role of the Observer Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Gas Mask
Judgmental eyes
Shielded by your plastic face
Smile through the lies
Don’t waste time to undertake
Try to fit
With the fame
No vision
Fear of change
Replace food
With your pills
Numb the mood
Find yourself a new way in
Empty thoughts consume
All your knowledge of the world
Born without a character
Stab the backs of those who turn
Try to fit
With the fame
No vision
Fear of Change
Replace food
With your pills
Numb the mood
Find yourself a new way in
Do you think it is time to buy a new personality?
We have control, of all your lives, there’s no escape, no one survives, it is too late, your time has gone, you won’t be living, for very long, you’re poison to the world you neglect to see the rest. Take pride in the ability to feed off the debility. Fight all you want this ends now, let’s see your god save you now, take a breath, it’s your last, time to burn while we all laugh.
Track Name: Cure the Illusion (Part 1)
You act without thought
Just as defined
But what is the cost
To achieve peace of mind?
You know what you know,
But you’re lost in a fog of perception
It’s fine
The seeds of change have been planted
But born in blood you’re mental but
I won’t hold it against you
For time and time again
Thought the world was my friend
It’s all just illusion
That your mind will bend

Naked and fearless, allow yourself to be
All that you are, but more than I can see
Allow nothing more,
All that you’re sure
And you’ll cease
To Live
The common ground is softer than you think
Your malleable mind may keep you blind
But don’t let that concern you
To each his own’s the way
Of the world there today
Look beyond this illusion
And find your own way.
Cure the illusion
Cure the illusion
Track Name: Cure the Illusion (Part 2)
Realize you have your own damn mind
So why would you stay?
And as you leave the world behind
Leave the pigs at bay
Cure the illusion
Cure yourself
Cure the illusion
Cure the confusion
Cure yourself
Track Name: Sentimental Views
Sitting here, realizing it was what it was
and it was
Nothing but a memory
And as I’ve come to terms with change
I see it is what it is
And I missed
Out on what there was for me
But without change
And without time
How can I come to be?

Living the life I didn’t choose
My head is filled with ties to sentimental views
Wish I knew then what I know now
It’s just the guilt that I could live without

Even I can’t understand
Whether the decision’s in my hands
or already done and sealed
But without faith
And without time
I think I’ll be just fine
Track Name: Dogfight
So I’ve figured out what’s right
Sent on a mission of aerial flight
Target acquired so bring the rounds
Only stalled so I could shoot you down
I won’t listen to you you won’t listen to me
Will your tactics work? I guess we’ll see
Although my will is free I’m not for sale
Effective maneuver put me on your tail

Everyday the world goes more insane
Although it used to work
I think its time for a change
These eyes are tired but my mind is wired
To do as I am told
It’s a miracle, a war has yet to unfold

Inferior weaponry
Will leave you behind
I may not bear those guns but
I bear mind
Without mercy , You’re bound to cave
We’ll see who’s laughing
When you’re in your grave.